Marilyn Mitchell

I have been an artist for over 45 years drawing, painting and using mixed media. I have been painting with acrylics primarily over the last 15 years.

I have studied in various places and with various artists over the years.

Some of these include: Phoenix College, Glendale Community College, San Francisco State University, William Arendt, The Taos New Mexico Intensive Artist Experience, Christopher Schink, William Lawrence, Mark Freedman, Susan Hargraves, Matt Mays, Edna Dapo---and many more.

I have shown my work in California and Arizona. Most recent shows are listed separately.

I have masters degrees in education and in counseling and a doctorate in Psychology.


I believe that I have been an artist all of my life. I love what I do and relate to color and movement in my art. Because of my career as a Psychologist and my personal losses in the last 15 years I have related to my paintings in a deeper way; for example, loss and loneliness, joy, peace, calm, anger are feelings that I have expressed in my paintings which often seem to be narrative in style. I have been inspired by Matisse, Munch, and others in both the Expressionist and Fauvist movements.

My style is abstract; subject or content varies. Color is essential. My work has been described as "psychological dream spaces" in the Phoenix Urban Calendar.

Hopefully, my work invites viewers to relate to the feelings and experiences in their own life journeys.